Bringing carpet-laying to the 21st century by building a new website.

Chris Smith is a carpet layer from South Gippsland with over 40+ years of experience.
What I Did
Web Design, Web Development, Illustrations
Carpet Layed

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Bringing carpet-laying to the online world.

It's more crucial than ever to make sure your business has a strong online presence. When developing the site for Chris, a dominant focus was to create a user experience for visitors of the site- this allows Chris to get his worked viewed by more people, for more time.

Making it mobile responsive.

With over 60% of users now viewing websites on their mobile phones, it's crucial that the site worked just as cohesive as it does on a computer. When designing the site, I developed both mobile & desktop views to ensure a high quality mobile result.

Keeping it fun.

Chris didn't want to come across too corporate when designing his site, so I developed a large set of illustrations to compliment the site.

The end result.

Chris ended on the online map with a brand new mobile-friendly website where he can showcase his work, story & services. The site also provides a call-to-action to contact Chris.
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