The future of logo presentations.


Rethinking the old way by building a new way to create logo presentations.

Pitchproof is an SaaS product that allows designers to build interactive logo presentations.
What I Did
Branding, Strategy, UI & UX, Web Design, Marketing, Illustrations
Presentations Created

How it works.

User experience is important. So as part of our on-boarding experience for Pitchproof, we developed a quick tutorial to run you through how to use our SaaS platform.

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As part of branding process for Pitchproof- we teamed up with an illustrator to build an illustrative language for Pitchproof. Our illustrator helped us develop the composition & sketching, while I did the high fidelity.

Building a global community.

When starting Pitchproof, we really wanted to create a tool that was made for designers, by designers. So we focused heavily on building a design community online.

We've been given the opportunity to collaborate with tons of designers online, as well as expand our design community to over 73,000+ followers.
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