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Ryan Hayward supports international and local privacy laws to protect your privacy.

Any personal information will be collected only by lawful and fair means with prior consent from you and will be used for the purposes for which it was directly collected relative to the Web and Graphic Design, Print Design and consulting undertaken by Ryan Hayward.

Our Policy.

Ryan Hayward will take reasonable steps to:

- take care that personal information is not disclosed to a third party without consent, unless required or authorised by or under law, or there are reasonable grounds to believe that there may be a serious threat to the life or health of a party. Ryan Hayward however, reserves the right to disclose such information to our professional advisors including our accountants and lawyers in specific circumstances.

- ascertain that any third party, to which authorised access to personal information has consented, will also be committed to the protection of this personal information.

- maintain safe procedures to protect personal information from any unauthorised access, use, alteration or disclosure.

- take care that data held or disclosed is accurate.

- de-identify or destroy personal information no longer required, or under instructions from an individual who has elected to ‘opt-out’ at the time of first contact.

- advise individuals of the nature of the personal information held, how it is obtained and the purpose for which it is held.

- provide access to the individual on request, on the condition that such access would not have unreasonable bearing on the privacy of others, or such access would be unlawful

Where practical and legal, individuals may reserve the right to anonymity.

Ryan Hayward will not transfer personal information outside the Commonwealth of Australia unless the transfer is necessary for the benefit, conclusion or performance of a contract between the individual concerned and a third party. Reasonable steps will be taken to obtain consent from the individual, and to take care that the information transferred will be bound by comparable standards for protection of privacy.

Our Policy.

The nature of personal information held by Ryan Hayward is business contact details for individuals in an organisation with whom we carry out our normal web and graphic design print design and video production business. This information has been provided by the individuals and is retained for current and future business relations.

We also hold personal details of persons seeking employment with us (ie. home address and telephone numbers etc). Such personal details are destroyed when no longer required.

Information provided to Ryan Hayward is stored in a secure database and is for the sole use of Ryan Hayward and other related companies) and will not be disclosed to any third party without prior consent, save for those listed previously.

Our IT systems meet industry standards and are secure from access by a third party.

Any queries or concerns regarding personal business contact details held by Ryan Hayward should be addressed to the Privacy Officer:

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