Helping Toodaloo tell their story through a bold new identity and a robust online experience.

Toodaloo allows you to schedule meetings easily without back-and-forth emails.
What I Did
Branding, Strategy, UI & UX Design, Web Design
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Building the identity.

The logo I developed for Toodaloo extends from a modification of a speech bubble icon in its simplest form. The logo is a combination of a circle & triangle to create an outline of the speech bubble. The shape is designed in such a way that it's a continuous loop; showing a circle of action (i.e; create a meeting, have the meeting, repeat.)

Setting the rules.

Consistency is key. So in order to keep the Toodaloo brand consistent on multiple applications, I developed a brand guide. The brand guide consisted of logo, colour, typography & imagery usage for the Toodaloo brand.

Building the app.

Following up from the branding- I developed the UX & UI for the Toodaloo platform. I started off by creating a user flow to document how a user will use the app, before proceeding to build the wireframe & high fidelity.
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