WashMe needed an app design that quick & easy to use, ensuring a convenient car washing experience.

WashMe is an on-demand mobile car washing service that comes to you! You could almost say that WashMe is the Uber of car washes.
What I Did
User Flow, UX Design, UI Design, Protoyping
Cars Washed

Mapping out the experience.

When designing an app, you need to know what’s going to happen when you click on this or that button & how you will end up at the desired call-to-action. In collaboration with Sheda, a Melbourne creative agency- a user flow was planned & developed.

The wireframe.

Let’s make the user flow visual! A wireframe shows the UX (user experience design) of an app. In this case, WashMe. I developed 20+ wireframe screens for the app to show where everything would you placed inside the app, from text to images to buttons. No UI elements were developed during the wireframe process as we wanted our first priority to be focusing on the experience that a user would have using the WashMe app.

Testing that it works.

Let’s face it, user experience is super important! Just looking at some pictures can’t always showcase how an app feels like to use. I developed a ‘clickable’ prototype using Invision- a tools that allows you to transform your static screens into clickable interactive prototypes. This allowed the client to understand what it would feel like to actually use the app + how user friendly & efficient it is to use.

Adding the pretty stuff.

The UX is sorted. It’s time to give some flavour to this desert! The next stage of the journey was to develop what the app would look like visually while following the WashMe style guide.

Custom illustrations.

I also collated & developed a bunch of icons which were used throughout the final app design.

The UI Kit.

The development of the app was completed by Melbourne based design agency, Sheda. However, I produced a User Interface Asset Kit to make the developers job easier by providing the typeface, headings + paragraph sizes, colour palette, an icon collection & the other UI elements used throughout the app design such as the button styles.

The Results.

In collaboration with the WashMe team & Sheda, we developed 21 final high fidelity screens to be used & developed. The intellectual property was handed over as well as the source files for everything produced during the journey. My side of the WashMe app design project was completed from start to finish in just under a month.
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